Digital Twins

Cut costs and improve quality
while enhancing customer results.

What is a Digital Twin?

Digital twins replicate how design, usage, and environment
affects a machine’s cost, reliability and performance.

Manufacturers can achieve significant costs savings:

  • Cut service, warranty, and repair parts costs
  • Increase effective life and fuel/power efficiency
  • Optimize predictive maintenance

Digital Twins for Products

Products sold to customers have different business and data needs compared to machines used internally within a business.

Products used with a variety of customers types and applications require separating many different streams of signals.

We apply specialized IoT analytics to solve product data challenges such as incomplete (censored) data and complex relationships across variables.

Optimize Costs and Customer Results

Design, quality, and usage 

customer type

configuration or design

application or use



warranty claims



other IoT data




business results.


failure types


warranty costs

cost to repair

time to maintain


Case Study: Manufacturing

Team members developed digital twins forecasting uptime and cost and time to repair for a manufacturer of commercial engines.

The solution quantifies component performance, relationships between components, and how performance relates to customer type and configurations. 

The client realized significant savings by preventing failures, unplanned downtime, and recalls while reducing repair parts inventory.

$12 million

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