Business advisory and technical services based on experience as operating leaders and academic innovators.


Link AI to ROI through industry expertise.

Marketing and Customer Insight

We help ecommerce, consumer packaged goods, and retail businesses to understand and intelligently engage consumers. Experience includes:

  • Enabling a retailer to dynamically personalize offers, content, and creative.
  • Forecasting airline passenger and cargo demand by route and then incorporating real time data for dynamic pricing.
  • Applying game theory at a large ecommerce auction site to optimize displayed inventory and balance auctions with ad revenue.
Batch Performance


Our senior data scientists have built and led analytics teams at globally respected manufacturers. They bring expertise increasing yield and overall equipment effectiveness while lowering maintenance costs and rejects.

The team brings unique capabilities creating digital twins of complex machine products. We enable manufacturers to integrate data across a product’s lifecycle, and then optimize how each decision and action affects the product results including uptime, efficiency, cost, and loyalty.

Banking and FinTech

Machine Intelligence guides banks understanding consumers’ and households’ goals and then enabling these journeys through a friction-free omnichannel experience.

We have built capabilities to increase cross sell, improve recovery of non-performing assets, and implement full-sample audit. 

With fintechs, our team members have guided creating advanced capabilities to precisely segment, target, and engage consumers and optimize ROI on marketing investments.

Information Products

We bring a proven record identifying and building new features that generate customer value and drive financial results. The team applies broad experience across product strategy and engineering for consumer and financial services information products.

Capital Markets

Team members bring experience in risk management, sales technology, and trading from top tier investment banks, investment managers, and hedge funds.

We have built applications to rapidly value complex instruments, quantify market and counterparty risk, identify cross sell opportunities to institutional clients, and enable compliance with Basel III and other regulatory mandates. We bring strong expertise with high volume/low latency engineering and understanding of complex instruments.

Logistics & Transportation

Team members advised airlines in Asia and Scandinavia forecasting demand for cargo and seat miles. We then introduced third party data to optimize dynamic pricing. Later, we applied insight on customer behaviors to increase revenue through loyalty programs.


Machine Intelligence brings deep experience sourcing primary data and designing surveys; and organizing analytics for providers, agencies, and e-health startups. Team members hold NCQA accreditation for HEDIS surveys; bring expertise with key data sets including CAHPS, AHRQ, and NIH; and hold HIPAA certification. Our firm’s chief data scientist served as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Scholar on Health Policy.

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