Natural Language Processing

Proven approach and tools to accelerate results.

Natural Language Processing

Proven techniques and tools to accelerate results.

Success Based on Experience

Natural language increasingly powers consumer interaction, workflows, and analytics. However, quantifiying language is challenging because meaning is subjective. We bring proven techniques, tools, and methodology to derive insights and enhance business processes.

Unique Assets

We have developed assets based on experience building applications for corporate communications, investors, and marketers.

  • Methodology to deliver business results
  • Statistical tools for managing training data
  • Architecture to optimize cost, agility, and scalability
  • Deep learning for precision

Case Study: Capital Markets

Machine Intelligence guided an information products company applying machine learning to create new product features. We then built team capabilities and together engineered a new product platform while migrating to AWS.

12 million

average daily documents

The system enables highly regulated businesses to understand how they are viewed by customers, employees, regulators, and shareholders. The system continually builds a knowledge graph linking topics and sentiment across a large stream of broadcast, digital, print and social media.

4.4 billion

knowledge graph nodes

Deep Learning for NLP

We apply advanced techniques at the practical edge of innovation. Our team brings differentiated capabilities applying transfer learning to increase accuracy while reducing training data sizes. We apply the framework with ULMFiT language embedding. 

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