Competitive Edge.
Elegantly Engineered.

Data science and artificial intelligence consulting.

Machine Intelligence is an advanced analytics
consulting firm focused on strategy, technology,
and business transformation.

Creatively identify applications, then apply
fact-based analysis to achieve P&L results.

Enabling Technology

Train models. Engineer scalable and secure AWS, Azure, and OCI applications.

Sustained Capabilities
Build enduring skills collaborating
with experienced professors.

Analyze text to improve business processes. Our team brings proprietary tools based on experience engineering sophisticated NLP platforms. We provide expertise analyzing high volumes of financial, news, social media and unstructured data.

Business questions we have answered:

  • How do customers, employees, investors, and regulators view a company?
  • How is a company acting on their ESG goals?
  • What emerging events will most affect our portfolios, supply chain, or reputation?

We provide hands-on training where participants can bring their own data to build a cloud application. Participants create a working prototype with experts at their side.

Private Equity Services

Machine Intelligence applies experience as operating leaders and senior engineers to assess targets, develop plans to realize a target’s full value, and guide operating execution.

Due Diligence Analytics

Uncover opportunities and risks through data:

  • Customer behaviors and attitudes
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Pricing optimization
  • Demand forecasts 

A Different Methodology

Many projects jump into algorithms and software. We reverse the usual approach. Based on experience delivering complex initiatives, our methodology focuses on precisely defining the business question, alignment across business functions, and understanding the data generating process.



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